Attorney Takako Suenaga Profile

Personal History From Kagawa Prefecture
March 1990 Graduated from Chuo University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law
April 1997 Registered as an attorney (member of the Osaka Bar Association)
October 2002 Went independent and established the Futaba Law Firm
May 2013 Established ARCUS PARTNERS
Main Areas of Practice - For Individuals
Consultation on wills and inheritance; Consultation on traffic accidents, occupational accidents and medical accidents
Consultation on divorce and gender issues; Consultation on personal bankruptcy filing, individual rehabilitation filing, and voluntary arrangements
- For Entities and Individual Business Owners
Managerial legal affairs; Labor legal affairs; Legal contracts related to alliances (partnerships) between companies
Intellectual property filing support / handling disputes 
Issues related to labeling regulations (Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, Japanese Agricultural Standards Act, Food Sanitation Act, Health Food Act, Functionality Labeling, etc.) 
Venture and new business support; Bankruptcy processing; Business revitalization; Business succession (relatives and related parties succession, M&A); Application support and agency for various policies aimed at small/medium sized companies
Achievements Nara Institute of Science and Technology MOT Technology Management Teaching Materials Development Committee Member (September 2005 - March 2006)
Business Innovation Center Osaka Akinai Eedo Akinai Management Supporter (-March 2007)
Japan Institute of Invention Technology Management Advisor (-March 2009)
Sakai City Comprehensive External Audit Assistant (2008-2010) )
Izumi City Hospital Management Oversight Committee Member (September 2008 - present)
Part-time lecturer at Osaka University of Economics (Intellectual Property Law (April 2011 - present)
Small/Medium-Sized Company Management Innovation Accredited Support Organization (November 2012 - present)
Publications Digital Contents Act (Osaka Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Practical Application Research Society Edition Co-Authored)
Intellectual Property Contract Theory and Practical Application (Osaka Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Practical Application Research Society Edition Co-Authored)
Medical Malpractice Case Manual (Osaka Bar Association Medical Malpractice Case Manual Project Team Edition Co-Authored)
Joint R&D Contract Theory and Practical Application (NBL Series Co-authored; In Charge of the Use, Management, Rights Enforcement, and Improved Inventions of the 5th Development Results)
Affiliations Osaka Bar Association, Osaka Chamber of Commerce
Greetings I hope we can work together to help you prevent conflicts.
However, unfortunately when a situation arises when a conflict is unavoidable, I would like to help you with making your own choices and moving forward.

Attorney Tomoko Takase Profile

Personal History March 1994 Graduated from Chuo University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law
April 2000 Registered as an Attorney (Member of the Osaka Bar Association)
September 2000 Passed the Real Estate Transaction Broker Exam
October 2010 Appointed as a Part-Time Judge (a Domestic Relations Conciliator) (Until September 2014)
May 2013 Established ARCUS PARTNERS
Main Areas of Practice General civil and commercial litigations; Corporate legal affairs; Company MOM compliance matters; Overseas expansion support; Contracts (including English contracts) preparation / review; International commerce disputes; International family law cases (Cross-border international divorces and family disputes involving various jurisdictions, International access cases, Hague Convention child abduction cases); Domestic family law cases (Divorce, Child custody disputes, Child support, Family financial matters, Access cases); Wills and inheritance; Adult guardianship; Defective housing cases; Medical malpractice cases; Bankruptcy cases (including Civil rehabilitation and Voluntary liquidation)
Achievements/Lectures Part-time lecturer at Osaka University of Economics ("Mock Contracts" April 2019 - present)
Chair of Osaka Bar Association International Committee (April 2019 - present)
Vice Chair of Osaka Bar Association International Committee (April 2016 - March 2019)
Member of Osaka Bar Association International Committee Hague Convention Special Committee (April 2011 - present)
Deputy Secretary- General of Japan Arbitrator Association (JAA) Kansai Branch (April 2012 - present)
Member of the Business Innovation Center Osaka Designated Management Candidate Selection Committee (October 2005 - December 2005)
Research Committee Member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Kansai Bureau Project “Research on what to do when venture companies go bankrupt/close and the investigative research on the effective utilization of such knowledge” (December 2002 - March 2003)
Legal Supporter of Akinai Management at Business Innovation Center Osaka (April 2001 - March 2005)

Registered as an attorney handling Hague Convention cases of Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Registered as an attorney handling outgoing cases under the Hague Convention of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Completed the “Australia-Japan joint mediation training for Hague Convention cases” organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Yokohama 2015)
Participated in the US State Department Invitation Program IVLP “Enforcement of the Hague Abduction Convention” (2016)
Completed “Cross-Border Family Mediation Training” held by MiKK (International Mediation Center for Family Conflict and Child Abduction), Registered as mediator (Berlin 2017)
Completed "Collaborative Practice Training" held by IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals) (Nagoya 2018)
Speaker at IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers) Annual General Meeting / Conference “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments” (Melbourne 2019)
Speaker at the "International Mediation Symposium" held by CILS (Center for International Legal Studies) (Salzburg 2019)
Publications "Latest Unfair Competition Cases and Practices 2nd Edition" Osaka Bar Association Yushikai Publication Shared work
Supervise legal knowledge for re-challenge learning support system building project "Home worker learning support software"
"Legal Practices for Persons with a Special Connection - Points and Formats for Each Type" Shinnippon Hoki Publishing Co. Co-authored
"Effects and Risks of Inheritance Planning from the Perspective of Legal and Tax Matters" Shinnippon Hoki Publishing Co. Co-authored
"Basics of International Divorce Cases” Aobayashi Shoin Co-authored

Member of Osaka Bar Association

Japan Association of Arbitrators (Kansai Branch Deputy Secretary-General, Hague Convention Response Committee Secretary-General)

Osaka Medical Issues Research Society (member)

Japan - Australia Society of Osaka (Director)

IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers) Fellow

LAWASIA (The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific) member

Greetings With respect to attorney activity up to this point, I have extensive experience in both personal and commercial law involving international cases, and can provide clients with expert advice and representation.
We get to know our clients and understand their immediate needs and long-term goals. We provide effective and efficient service with care and concern for the emotional and mental well-being of our clients.

Attorney Tomoko Murakami Profile

Personal History March 1995 Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science
October 2005 Registered as an attorney (member of the Osaka Bar Association)
May 2013 Established ARCUS PARTNERS
Main Areas of Practice Corporate legal affairs, labor cases, business succession, corporate revitalization, debt processing (including bankruptcy, voluntary arrangements, individual revitalization), family cases (divorce, wills, inheritance, adult guardianship, etc.), overseas expansion support, medical accident cases, intellectual property related cases, various contracts preparation/review, general civil/criminal cases
Achievements October 2005 Osaka Bar Association Child Rights Committee member (-March 2009)
April 2009 Osaka Bar Association Traffic Accident Committee member (-March 2011)
December 2013 Osaka Bar Association Gender Equality Promotion Committee member
August 2014 Osaka Prefecture Small/Medium Sized Business Doyu-kai member
Affiliations Osaka Small/Medium Sized Business Doyu-kai
Greetings I wanted to be an attorney because I wanted to be a person who helps society.
Currently, I am striving every day to contribute to society by preventing or solving everyone's legal troubles. I am looking forward to working wholeheartedly with clients to prevent trouble, work towards solutions, and walking with them along the way, so the most important thing is to please consult with me.

Attorney Yumiko Terada Profile

Personal History Graduated from Hyogo Prefectural Hokusetsu Sanda High School  
While attending (during my 2nd year in high school) I studied abroad in Australia for 1 year (St. Columba ’s High school) 
2000 Graduated from Hokkaido University, Faculty of Law (Equestrian Club)
October 2005 Registered as an attorney (Osaka Bar Association)
Worked for 5 years at an urban public office in Osaka
2007 Gave birth to a baby girl
2010 to 2013 Worked in Amami Oshima island
October 2013 ~ Partner at ARCUS PARTNERS
May 2015 ~ NPO Finnish Human Resource Development Institute Director
September 2017 ~ Outside Director of Smartvalue Co.,Ltd (TSE standard: 9417)
2019 Registered as an Expert for "Osaka Top Runner Training Project"
December 2020 ~ Visiting Professor of Kobe University (current position)
March 2021 ~ Outside Auditor of Stroly,Inc. (current position)
March 2022 ~ Outside Director of Segue Group Co., Ltd.(TSE prime:3968)(current position)
March 2022 ~ Outside Director of FUJI MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS MFG. CO., LTD. (current position)
June 2022 ~ Outside Auditor of Loss Zero Co.,Ltd (current position)
October 2022 ~ Outside Director of Kurashicom Inc.(TSE growth:7110)(current position)
Main Areas of Practice ◇Corporate legal affairs (preparation of contracts and various rules, legal review, negotiations and litigation representation), diversity management, corporate governance, venture / start-up support in general, business succession (M&A, etc.), overseas expansion support (Australia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Kenya, etc.)
◇Family cases (divorce, wills, inheritance, adult guardianship, family trust, etc.), debt collection, debt consolidation (bankruptcy, revitalization, voluntary arrangements), traffic accidents, labor (overtime pay, dismissal, supervisor-employee harassment, sexual harassment, etc.), real estate related (surrender of possession, non-payment of rent, boundary disputes, etc.), criminal defense, crime victim support, etc.
◇Mentored many entrepreneurs including student entrepreneurs, and focused on venture support
◇Also involved in innovation in the manufacturing industry
◇Make efforts to promote diversity including active participation of women
◇Experienced lecturer and speaker regarding various legal affairs, diversity, etc.
Achievements ・ End of 2009 - 3 weeks Selected as a member of the U.S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
(Investigated the judicial system in the United States with a focus on the jury system)
・2013-2014 Worked as a mentor at the 2013 TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, etc.
・ September 2014 Inspection trip to Thailand and Laos (matching up and inspecting to support overseas expansion of small/medium companies). Friendship Agreement with local Thai law firm
・ February 2015 Participated as a mentor in a venture entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, California, USA
Affiliations ・ Member of Gender Equality Promotion Committee (Osaka Bar Association)
・ Member of International Committee (OBA)
・ NPO corporation Finnish Human Resources Development Institute Director
・ Kobe University Visiting Professor
・ Osaka Top Runner Project Registered Specialist
・ Secretary for Criminal Defense Center Japan Federation of Bar Associations(Supervises research and training for community interpreting)
Organization Affiliations ・ Osaka Doyu-Kai Higashi-Osaka Branch
・ Global Ventures Habitat (GVH) Osaka Supporting Member  
・ Japan Association for Female Executives (JAFE) Member
Greetings One day, my daughter saw my client heading home after a consultation and said:
"Mom, your job is to give your clients encouragement."
My "Encouraging Legal Consultation" and "Inspirational Contracts" have been very popular.
As the first step, please feel free to consult with me.

☆ Hobbies Business trips with my kid (domestic and overseas), watching movies, viewing paintings, horse riding